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The Huffington Post published an article today discussing Detroit’s situation with the poor not being able to pay water bills, and being forced to either shut water supplies off or search for alternative measures?


Apparently the one solution they aren’t exploring is the single-payer public service option.  Why is this?  It boggles my mind.

Seriously, clean water, clean air, police protection, fire protection, legal services, healthcare — these are all life-essential services that should be freely and equally available to all citizens.   Why is it that we have no problem offering police, fire, and legal services on this basis, but if someone suggests that clean water or medical care should be provided on the same basis, we are communists, traitors, enemies of the free market?

Someday, someone will probably figure out how to take our clean air hostage and sell it back to us by the cubic foot at market rate.  I pity those who won’t be able to afford to breathe.