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I love (well, love to hate) this meme… thought I should share my thoughts:


1) Don’t know why this one is mentioned. No one is trying to legislate anyone in or out of wealth or poverty, but when an hourly worker making 35K a year pays 18% in taxes, a middle class earner or small businessman pays 30% in taxes, while billionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations pay nothing or a single digit percentage at best, it can hardly be considered a fair tax burden.

2) I agree with #2. This is exactly what happens in corporate America every day. Wealthy business owners and corporate execs hire people to do a lot of work and receive nothing (or very little) for it, while the rich guy sits on a beach in Monte Carlo and watches the money roll in to his bank account.

3) This one is insane on a lot of levels. I suppose if you think that to guarantee my freedom and protection is to take away your “right” to oppress me, then you would be right.

4) This one is just wrong. You absolutely can multiply wealth by dividing it. If one person has a trillion dollars and everyone else in the country is dirt poor, you could divide that trillion by 100 and create 100 billionaires and have 10 wealthy people instead of one.

5) This one misses the biggest point of all. There is no half and half of anything. There is one nation. Strength comes when numbers unite as one. When we start splintering ourselves into social sub-groupings that want to exist independently of other groups, that is what weakens a nation, or a church, or a family. Strength comes in staying united. Thankfully, I’m not yet disabled, elderly with no family, a single mom trying to raise 3 kids with their dad in prison, etc. But if I ever get in that situation I hope there are a few people who still think it’s a good idea for the fortunate among us to continue contributing to a general fund to help ease the suffering of the least fortunate among us. There is no virtue of strength in those with excess wealth by global standards leaving others to rot in their misery just because they think society should be an “every man for himself” game. No one got where they are by themselves. You were given privileges and opportunities that you never earned (some by birth). I’ll bet if you think hard enough you’ll remember plenty of people who helped you out over the years without requiring you to “earn” their help.

Bottom line — it’s the very attitude and misguided premises that underlie this meme that are weakening our nation. When we become a nation dominated by the idea that “we are in this together” and everyone has everyone else’s backs, then we will become stronger.