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Updated and corrected on 3/1/2015

For those who are serious about counting the carbs, I’ve created a searchable PDF file from the USDA food database which is a fairly exhaustive list of vegetables with carbohydrate, fiber and sugar data for each food item.

The truly brave may want to try the COMPLETE USDA Food Carbohydrate listing. It’s a bit larger file at about 2 MB and takes a few seconds longer to search, but like the condensed version above, once you’ve downloaded it, searching it is easy.  Just CTRL-F anywhere in the document and type your keyword.  This complete listing has the advantage that besides including all food groups, it also includes restaurant and fast foods.

If you just want the condensed vegetable listing, get it here:


If you want the complete USDA food listing, get it here


And if you prefer the individual abridge lists to the complete food listing, you might like these:

  1. USDA Fruits, Snacks, Entrees & Sides Carb Data
  2. USDA Breads, Cereals & Sweets Carb Data
  3. USDA Restaurants & Fast Food Carb Data

UPDATE 3/1/2015:

When I originally posted this article, I later noticed there was an anomaly with the reports showing only values for the 100 gram portion size even though other portion sizes were listed in the report.  This has been corrected with this update and the linked files above now show the correct carb, sugar and fiber count for the listed portion size. I’ve also added a new column showing net carbs for those interested in that result.