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Those infernal Russian drones flew over again last night dropping their excess snow plowed from the streets of Siberia.  I thought I heard a lot of buzzing noises in the night, but at first I just dismissed it as the usual noises in my head.  But when I couldn’t take the incessant buzzing anymore, I went out to see what the heck the ruckus was about and stepped right smack dab into the middle of the evidence.


What more proof do you need?  It’s obvious that Obama has been secretly selling drones to the Soviets under the table with the agreement they would drop snow bombs on the US in an underhanded attempt to force American workers to stay home from work. Everybody knows Obama is a closet communist and hell-bent on destroying the American economy, and I finally have the proof. He has secretly started another cold war, and this one is really cold.

I’m either crazy or I’m not crazy.  I’m pretty sure I’m a little crazy, but I would be crazy not to think I’m a little crazy. This weather makes you a little crazy.  But if you think I’m crazy, then you’re crazier than me.  How’s that for crazy?

Wake up America!!