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captureOK, our garage is behind our house. Consequently, we don’t use our front door. When we get out of our car, we are 6 ft away from our back door. The front porch and sidewalk stays buried under 2 or 3 ft snow drifts all winter (your clue that we don’t use that access).

The postal lady puts packages inside our garage and leaves a note that she placed it there. The UPS driver either leaves the package inside the garage door or (if small enough) between the back door and the screen door.

I got a notification that FedEx delivered a package today. I go out to look for it, and find it on the front porch. This guy intentionally waded through 20 yards of knee-high half-frozen drifts of snow to get that package there.

So here’s the question: When you’re considering what delivery service to use, do you say —

A. I’m using the guy that’s willing to wade drifts, climb mountains, forge streams and scale walls if necessary to deliver the package.


B. I’m NOT using the guy that’s not smart enough to leave the package at the door that already has shoveled access.