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A friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday:


I replied politely that perhaps if he were to consider more objectively the “God and Guns” movement that’s sweeping the nation, he would better understand the attitudes the president is alluding to.

He deleted my comment.

I then shared this photo with him:



He deleted the photo.  So I shared these photos:







He deleted all of them and blocked me from commenting or communicating on his Facebook page again.

This man is not only a friend I’ve known for over 30 years, he’s a former pastor and currently a superintendent in a large denominational evangelical church.

This epitomizes the current state of Christianity.  Not only do we not want to dialogue about issues, we are going to tell you how it should be and you’re going to listen because we are basically God (that is I’m God’s appointed spokesperson).  And if I’m wrong and you try to bother me with facts we are going to dispose of you, whether than means killing you, imprisoning you, or just cutting off all communication with you.

I still call myself Christian.  Every day I’m more and more embarrassed to do so.  This does not represent the Jesus I discovered in scripture, and it certainly doesn’t embody the “God is love” ideal that attracted me to the faith.

I keep hanging on to the hope that a group of Christians will rise up and rally behind the call to be the arms of Jesus embracing the world with the love of God, but every day I lose a little more hope of that ever happening.  Today I lost a lot more hope.