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Huff Post published an article about a plus-sized woman who paid fashion editors all over the world to Photoshop her photo and make her more beautiful (presumably to make the point that plus-sized women can be beautiful too).

I’m growing exasperated with the whole conversation–and not just the Hollywood angle; I’m also tired of those beating the drum about how everyone is beautiful “just as you are.”

How about we quit lying to ourselves. Not everybody possesses physical beauty.  Whether you’re in the “you need to make yourself beautiful” camp, or the “you’re already beautiful” camp, your still peddling the notion that physical beauty is the thing that matters most. 

How about we start peddling the notion that character matters most? Are you kind, selfless, generous, honest, have a sense of humour, inspiring, have integrity, hard working, etc.  There are scores of things that matter more than what you look like – and, let’s face it, even if you were born with physical beauty, it’s going to fade quickly. Your character stays with you forever, and can even improve as you age. Let’s change the conversation, shall we?