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Time magazine recently announced that several diseases are making a comeback thanks largely to the anti-vaccine movement.

Upworthy.com posted a telling graphic (below) showing the mortality rate of many diseases in the pre-vaccine era as compared to the post-vaccine era.


In most cases, the vaccines have all but eliminated these diseases — until the anti-vaccine movement started, that is.

I agree with the point the Upworthy author was trying to make:  the only thing standing between us and the catastrophic impact on our survival that deadly diseases threaten, is this wall of defense that vaccinations have provided us. Why would you want to be the parent that tears down that wall and exposes not only your family, but your friends and neighbors as well, to the ruthless whims of potentially deadly diseases?

And in case you are wondering, yes, influenza is also a potentially deadly disease, especially to children and the elderly. It’s 2nd on the list with 20,000 deaths annually before the flu vaccine down to about 200 annually after the flu vaccine (and many, if not most, of these are people who don’t get vaccinated).

Please, protect yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let someone talk you into playing Russian roulette with your family’s health.