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I must say I am no longer shocked, but continue to be surprised at how often we continue to hear these stories reported in the news.


As a Christian, I’m asking my fellow Christians “Do you really think this is the Christian response?” I get it that you think a gay lifestyle is sinful and not pleasing to God.  For argument’s sake, let’s say you are right.  So is lying, cheating, dishonest business dealings, blasphemy, pride, envy — shall I go on? So do you refuse to tip any server who is living out of relationship with God? If so, you are a worse person than I thought.

Let me ask you, if you took your car to a gay auto mechanic would you let him fix your car, then refuse to pay him after his work was done? If a gay plumber or painter came to your house, would you let him/her paint your house or fix your plumbing, then refuse to pay them? How do you think that would go over?

It is immoral, dishonest and unchristian to let these servers faithfully serve your table, then refuse to pay them after their work is done. If you have a problem paying certain people whether it’s due to lifestyle, religion, race, political beliefs or what-have-you, then the appropriate response is to leave the restaurant or request a different server, but once you’ve allowed them to complete the service they were hired to do, then you owe them their rightful pay. To refuse to pay them after they have served you, makes you a thief.

If you are going to call yourself “Christian”, then start acting like one — and practicing honesty, integrity and trustworthiness is a good place to start.