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cover by D. Keesler

A few days ago I was looking for a Kindle version of the 1938 public domain version of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and was disappointed in my search. I found a couple of versions on Amazon but they weren’t free and weren’t properly formatted for Kindle with free-flowing text (they still had original hard-hyphens and paper copy pagination breaks, etc.).   I found the plain-text form on a couple of other websites (archive.org is one), but all the plain text versions are also not free-flowing.  They still have hard-line breaks, hard-hyphens, and original paper pagination as well (they still have scanning errors where characters didn’t translate correctly in OCR as well).

So I downloaded the plain text version from archives.org and converted it to free-flowing text — removing all hard-line returns, removing hard hyphenations, corrected obvious OCR errors, etc.  I also added page breaks at each chapter and a link-able table of contents.  It hasn’t been painstakingly proofread, so I won’t promise there isn’t one or two overlooked errors, and the author’s original ALL CAPS throughout the document remains untouched. However, it does flow and read naturally and uniformly in my Kindle Reader now, and on the PC reader as well.

For those who are interested in this book I am temporarily making it available for download in the following formats:

Microsoft Word '13 (.docx) - Download
New Kindle Format  (.azw3) - Download
Nook/Sony/Generic  (.epub) - Download