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Justine Sacco is — er, was — the PR director of The Daily Beast‘s parent company. And, no, I didn’t miss the irony of her job title.  She has apparently been relieved of her job responsibilities with the media outlet after her ill-advised tweet:


Phil Robertson, star of the hit show Duck Dynasty, was also recently suspended for comparing homosexuality to bestiality and saying that African-Americans were happier under the Jim Crow laws — Happy, happy, happy.

It hasn’t been confirmed that they are both represented by the same attorney, who specializes in representing people — like Justine and Phil — who are simply expressing their faith.

It is also unconfirmed that they are planning to use their wealth and new-found free time to collaborate on building the world’s largest Jim Crow memorial.  An unidentified inside source says, “A Jim Crow memorial in every state” — that’s the vision.  The source also says, “They both just want to make the world a better place.”