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Does anyone really begin to know what women go through day after day?
It’s like some women have no say.
Put the men out on the street,
so they would know what it feels like to get beat
How many times did I end up on the floor?
Because how many times I couldn’t get out the door
Do this. Do that. Do this. Do that.
The psychiatrist said he would not to live like that.
When you stay in violence this is what goes on
But somehow I think somebody knew
’cause God sees everything you go through.
What I had to go through day after day was not right.
How many times did I shake with fright?
Just to be able to sit outside
I used to take rides on my bike to calm myself down,
so I wouldn’t end up with a nervous breakdown.
Women unite.
Take back the night.
When we talk about respect, respect works both ways.
Again, listen to what I say
From broken glass to a broken door
Boy, was I sore!
No woman likes to be a battered wife.
Yes, there were times I cried.
Yes, there are times I wanted to die
Oh, if you only knew what I was going through!
No woman needs to get beat ’til they’re black and blue
This in turn can happen to you.
How many times did I take a fall?
How many times did I get my head banged against a wall?
Was it the whisky or was it the beer?
Why was I going through this year after year?
Women of the world unite.
Let’s remember take back the night.
Let’s also take to the streets
to spread the message that no woman needs to get beat.
Is that any kind of life?

–Judith Frotten


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