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My newest creation, aptly named Doug’s Southwestern Salad — though I don’t really know if it qualifies as a salad. I found a recipe in a Kroger booklet called Southwestern Salad, but there was nothing Southwest about it.. it called for bell peppers, beans, corn and hominy — and tasted about as flat and boring as you’d expect. But I was intrigued by the idea and turned it into a genuine and highly versatile southwestern dish. 


I like to eat it as it garnished with sour cream and cilantro. It would also make an excellent dip or the basis of a great alternative “taco” salad. You could also add it chicken, beef or pork seasoned with chili or fajita seasoning and wrap it in a burrito… or you could use it as a southwestern vegetable side dish for any Mexican entree.


I doubled the recipe and used 15 jalapenos (seeds and all). If you want it milder, remove the seeds and pulp. If you want it even milder, cut the jalapenos in half and mix it 1/2 a green bell pepper. If you want it a northwestern dish instead of a southwestern dish, skip the jalapenos altogether and just use bell pepper (but please don’t tell me you did that).  I also used California Red (Anaheim) chiles instead of red bell pepper, but both are sweet and mild so either will work equally well.

Let me know what creative variations or serving suggestions you try and how they turned out.

The recipe is here:  Doug’s Southwest Salad Recipe