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The Exquisite Habanero

The Habanero, in my opinion, is the most delicious and flavorful of all peppers; but too many people never get the pleasure of enjoying it because of it’s undeserving reputation for being “too hot to handle.”

For example, missvickie.com says “For the uninitiated even a tiny piece of Habanero would cause intense and prolonged oral suffering.”  What?  I have a boat load of friends and family that wouldn’t be in the same room with an Habanero after reading that.  Now, I’ll grant that if you grab up one of these babies and take a big bite out of it, you may get more than you bargain for; but I often eat a “tiny piece” while dicing them to test their flavor and heat and have never once experienced oral suffering, let alone prolonged oral suffering — and mixed in food (the intended way to use these) they are exquisitely delicious.

Try this one next time you want a “not so boring” breakfast.

Chorizo & Eggs (w/ Habanero)

Dice up one of these habaneros.  Remove the stem and all seeds, then slice into small 1/8th inch strips… then cut crossways and dice them into very small 1/8th inch square pieces.  This will create a mild-medium dish.  If you like your foods a little on the hotter side you can use 2 habaneros.

[NOTE: you may want to wear latex gloves.  I don’t, but if you don’t be careful not to rub your eyes or you will experience prolonged suffering. Rinsing your hands with milk, buttermilk, or other alkaline substance will help with removing the acidic residue… then wash well with soap and hot water.]

Dice up about 3 TBSP each of onions and green peppers.

Add 1 TBSP oil to your skillet and about ¼ lb Pork Chorizo and all your veggie dicings.  Stirring frequently on medium-high heat, cook until chorizo is cooked and onions are starting to look translucent.  Scramble 2 or 3 eggs in a bowl and dump into the skillet, stirring constantly until eggs are cooked but not dried out.

Remove from skillet immediately.  Warm your tortillas briefly in the skillet you just removed your hash from.   Place about 1/2 cup of the chorizo & eggs to the center of your tortilla, add sour cream, salsa and Chipotle Cheddar cheese.

Eat & enjoy … and leave me a comment whether you did or didn’t like the result.

If you want to save a couple carbs you can skip the tortilla and just add sour cream, salsa and cheese to the plate and eat it like an omelet or scramble egg ensemble.   Either way is great.


NOTE:  In some markets you may find the Scotch Bonnet, but not the Habanero or vice-versa.  These can be used interchangeably.  They are almost indistinguishable. In a blind taste test you couldn’t tell them apart, and even unblinded they are very difficult to distinguish. The Scotch Bonnet is slightly smaller/shorter in size, but they are nearly identical in taste, texture and heat.