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Let’s say you’re wanting to tell your friends it’s a comfy 80° at your vacation beach, but really get tired of using * (asterisk) instead of the degree symbol.  Did you know that if you hold the ALT key down and then with NUM LOCK on type 0176 on the keypad and the release the ALT KEY it will insert your degree symbol.

Try ALT + 0169 for © symbol, or ALT + 0189 for ½ if you prefer actual fractions to 1/2.  And to get a complete list of special characters and their key codes you can click RUN on the Start Menu and type in charmap and it will run a Windows utility showing you every character in the ASCII or Unicode map and the accompanying key code shortcuts will be in the lower right of that window.   You can also copy/paste character directly from that app.

Happy status updating, y’all…  😉