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I accidentally stumbled upon the recipe of the year for me. I love Chorizo (the Mexican sausage) — and the breakfast burrito is my usual concoction, but I much prefer the pork variety to the beef. However, my wife had come home from the store with some of each. So I was trying to use up the beef chorizo and trying to think of something that would complement it’s flavor better than the eggs do, when by pure luck (or an educated guess) I found the perfect combo…. so here we go:

For about 3-4 burritos you’ll want to start with about 1/2 package of beef Chorizo (Supremo brand is the best, but Cacique will work too). Have your non-stick skillet on medium heat. You’ll also need 1/2 medium onion. Two medium hot red chiles (such as a Fresno chile or ripened Jalapeno) and 2 serrano chiles. You’ll want to have your onion and chiles finely chopped ahead of time. Add them to the skillet the same time you add the chorizo and let them sweat as the chorizo browns. You want the onions to get a very light golden carmelization, but not a dark chocolate color. They become bitter when they burn. Once the chorizo is browned add in 1 can of black beans and turn the heat down to low. Let it all sit and simmer together, stirring frequently (about 10 minutes — you want the beans absorbing a bit of the sausage/spice flavor).

Lay a thick mound of the mixture in the center of a flour tortilla (low-carb whole wheat tortilla for me), cover with sour cream and a hot chunky salsa, generously sprinkle with coarsely chopped cilantro, then fold and eat. You will never go to Taco Bell again.

If this isn’t the best bean burrito you’ve ever had, I will take a pic with underwear on my head and make my Facebook profile pic…. OK, maybe I won’t .. but you get the idea.

Try it out, and leave your comments — good, bad or ugly — especially if you make tweaks or improvements.