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Have you ever wanted to be able to create or edit PDF’s but don’t want to spend (or can’t afford) several hundred dollars for Adobe’s Acrobat?  Sure, you can download free or inexpensive printer drivers such as Bullzip or PDF 995, but have you ever wanted to include word processing documents with spreadsheet data and database reports like you can do with a Powerpoint slide show, but don’t want the hassle of putting together a Powerpoint presentation and then trying to convert that to PDF, or converting Excel or dBase reports to screenshot images, then inserting them into your Word document?  You may have found your solution in Corel’s inexpensive consumer level application PDF Fusion, which has been discounted for the holiday season from$69.99 to $39.99

With Fusion you can drag and drop over 100 different file types onto any view (assembly view, page view, flick view, etc.) and simply drag and drop pages to assemble your new PDF document (See screenshot below).

Simply drag and drop over 100 file types onto any view icon

For example, you drag your Word file, your Excel file, and your database report which you’ve previously saved or printed as a PDF file.  Now you can go to Assembly view in PDF Fusion and it will show all three files in separate thumbnail view windows (see screenshot below).  Now you can simply drag and drop the pages you want onto a new document window to create your new PDF file.

Simply drag and drop pages into new window to create your new PDF document.

Now, that you’ve created your new document you may want to make some minor edits or tweaks before saving or publishing your new PDF file.  Simply go to Page View (see screenshot below) where you can highlight text and edit in right in place, or you can add comments or sticky notes for other readers to view.

Do "in place" editing, or add comments and sticky notes from Page View

Again, this is not Acrobat.  If you need to do massive editing such as moving or replacing photos, changing page layouts, or rewriting large sections of text this application won’t work with PDF files like a word processor.  However, for most common editing needs — correcting misspellings, updating names, addresses, email addresses, adding links, adding notes/comments, redacting phrases, etc. — this is just what the doctor ordered.  Creating new documents from multiple sources couldn’t be easier, and at just $39.99 it’s a can’t lose proposition.